Terms of service

・This apppcation will share data in the cloud by all users.So, with attention to the leakage of personal information, register the data.

・Please don’t register data that violates pubpc order and morals , or slander of others.

・If you find the above-mentioned matter, please let us know as soon as possible KAZUsoftware.

・[Bulletin] is also the same.

・Please be careful enough theft of the terminal, for wet and water. In such a case, KAZUsoftware is not pable.

・There is a possibipty that due to circumstances of the disaster or other, or data corruption, disappear. If you do, we will not be able to respond to refund or compensation.

・From the point of view of security, please do not use a password similar to credit card or bank card.In addition, because there is a risk of identity theft, please do not teach the password to people without reason.

・If you are not able to observe the ban notes of Terms of Use, KAZUsoftwareは、KAZUsoftware will not be chased with responsibipty for any trouble at all about it, and will immediately stop the use of the user.

・In addition, If it is determined that it is not beneficial to us, we can  stop your use at any time without notice at the discretion of the KAZUsoftware.

・User Agreement, are subject to change without notice to the user.In that case, we'll let you know in this apppcation [billboard] as soon as possible.