Practical Cushion System ~SOCS~

・There is that one time, was studying intently cushion system, this is the result of research at that time.

・Cushion system for pocket billiards that is in the book, almost useless systems roughly carom.

・To be able to practice for pocket billiards, "SOCS" cushion system is improved. I have devised a number system as well as the familiar, such as plus 2 or 5&H, even my own system. 


For: Android, iPad, iPhone


Include 14 Systems

How To

・Blue Numbers

 Cue ball position

Yellow Numbers

 Position of final target

Red Numbers

 Aim point of the first cushion


 Description of the cushion system

[Blue frame]

 Shot speed(soft, mid, hard)

[Green frame]

 English(1e, 3e, max)