Kick Shot Image Traning

This is an application that helps to kick shot image training for pool players.

It is perfect for killing time of some free time.

In addition, it can also be used as a practice of calculation and application of the cushion system.

You can practice all the shots at random, and you can also do special training the weak system intensively.

The total of all of the system type of skill level, skill level of the overall is determined.

0~9 Beginner
 10~29 Elementary
30~49 Intermediate
50~59 Skillful
60~69 Experienced
70~79 Expert
80~89 Master
90~100 Magician

The obstacle will increase depending on the skill level. By making full use of english and shot speed available in the system, you need to avoid obstacle balls.

'Skill level' represents the number of successful shots during the last 100 shots.

Failure, more than five times in a row, the guidelines will be displayed.

Target Device: iPad, iPhone, Android