Blue Board

This is a score board for broadcasting game of pocket billiards, carom and Snooker.

Please use freely in U Stream or video shooting etc.

Of course, use it not only in official matches but also in practice matches and local tournaments.

Please select according to the required function

Blue Board series



  •  I want to use it without connecting to the network.
  • I want to try out for free.
  • I want to post results to SNS.
  •  I want to save data such as fight record or average.
  • I want to use it by putting multiple tablet terminals in the hall.
  • I want to exchange information with players belonging to the same hall.
  • I want to know my ability in numerical value.
  • I want to grasp my ability in the ranking in the world, domestic or belonging hall.

comparison table of score board application

  Blue Board series POOL TIGER series
price free paid
In-app billing yes no
player name All character types only alphabet & numeric
score aggregation no yes
data synchronization no multiple terminals avirable
SNS delivery yes no

Blue Board for Pool

Set Match
Set Match
Straight Pool
Straight Pool
Rotation Game
Rotation Game
APA 9Ball
APA 9Ball
APA 9Ball Score Sheet
APA 9Ball Score Sheet

Blue Board for Carom

Blue Board for Snooker

for Carom

for Pool

for Snooker

※KAZUsoftware is not responsible at all, even if trouble comes out during use, and it hinders the progress of the game, please understand.